Blogging is the New Black

Blogging means Business

What better way to get your point across, show off your skills, or keep your clients up to date, than with a blog. There’s millions of Internet users, and millions of potential clients. In the Digital Age where social networks are home to millions of these users, the potentiality of your clientele is exponential. Blogging can expand your business, improve your business, or even be your business.

Blogging is Business

As a designer, I’m beginning to think that blogging could be as beneficial to business as any other marketing scheme I know. I mean what better way to show of your skills than with your own blog? Not only that, but you can keep it up to date to make sure people know your skills stay fresh. As you learn new skills you can easily show off your talents, and keep your friends and clients up-to-date.

Blogging for your Business

There’s a 101 ways to improve your companies blog, and work better for your business. Lets start with the latest trend… a Social Network. Social networks allow you to gain more clientele by connecting with those who know you, and potentially those who they know. Another great way to improve your company’s business is to get involved in the blogging community. There are hundreds out there. Though the above are both great ways to increase your companies clientele, they aren’t going to help improve your blog from personal standpoint. Make sure your blog is fit for a search engine. The content should be related to the topic. Also, make sure that your blog is fun and interactive. Not just any other blog.Now, last but certainly not least, get it on your own server. This allows you to have full control over your blog so you can actually achieve the above stated.

Now who’s Business?

With over 200 million blogs posted on the web to date. Blogging has become the “hippest” way to get your business known. Whether it’s a personal journal, just for fun, or for business, blogging has become one of the most efficient ways to let the whole world know. We know now that there’s a hundred places to post blogs, and millions of  blogs that are posted, but how many are being read? The answer is bountiful,

and the numbers are growing!


About Baby G

I am a "determined to succeed" college student at AB Tech, currently working on my Associates in Digital Media. My passion outside of the web is making music (EDM mostly), that makes people sing and dance.
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